Our Philosophy

The Dr. Thomas Fleck, Jr. Foundation has been established to celebrate the life and work of Tom (Doc) Fleck and to continue his dedication and impact on youth soccer.  The Dr. Thomas Fleck, Jr. Foundation shall provide grants for those seeking to better themselves as soccer coaches.  Furthermore the Doc Fleck Foundation provides financial support for empirical research in all realms of American youth soccer.

 Dr. Tom Fleck’s career is considered the coaching standard by dedicated coaches.  This standard puts the player at the center of coaching decisions and actions.  The Doc Fleck Foundation is organized to assist individuals and programs that perpetuate the dedication and commitment of Doc for the advancement of soccer in America.

 In addition to financial underwriting the Doc Fleck Foundation recognizes outstanding achievement and shall promote and establish opportunities for youth soccer educators.  The Doc Fleck Foundation philosophy promotes an academically sound curriculum while mirroring the examples of Dr. Fleck who through practical experience and humor provided guidance to those seeking to reveal the game within the child.