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What Others Say about Dr. Thomas Fleck

"I believe the word "soccer" limits the scope of Dr. Fleck's influence. His doctorate is in Elementary Ed. His focus is soccer but this man has influenced educators of all kinds in profound ways. Dr. Fleck can attend any educator's forum and speak with the authority of an expert. His ideas and philosophy coupled with his unique way of delivering his message would have any group of educators sitting back and listening, taking notes. And they may not even know of his involvement in soccer.”  - Jim Harte, Head Coach, Clearwater Central Catholic High School

“I would not have made it through college (or law school) without the life lessons taught by Tom Fleck.”  - Hon. Thomas Klonick, Judge , Perinton Town Court

“We all will remember his great presence with us and how he lightened our load so many times when we were in danger of taking ourselves too seriously.”  - Cliff McGrath

“He welcomed the opportunity to debate and defended his beliefs while always keeping the welfare of children at the heart of every discussion.” -  Dr. Ron Quinn, Ph.D., Xavier University

“He was one of my early mentors when I started instructing at coaching schools and his style was more to encourage than to direct. He always appreciated that the game can absorb many different teaching approaches and, providing we were not on "Mars" with our ideas, was quite happy to see us figure things out on our own.” - Thomas W. Turner, Ph.D.

“As a coach and coaching instructor, Tom Fleck is one of those rare individuals who can provide insight to the least experienced or the most accomplished players and coaches.  His understanding of the game, player development and coaching methodology can only be expressed as that of a "Master Teacher".  I consider myself fortunate to be graced by Tom's friendship and mentoring.” - Virgil Stringfield

"God's gift to youth soccer" - Jay Miller